Health & Safety Learning Modules


Hand Washing 101


UW Food Services’ learning modules have been created on specific topics that relate to food services and to improving the quality of services that UW Food Services offers to all of our customers.

We’ve created this learning module on hand washing to help dispel some of the rumours about glove use versus hand washing, offer tips on how to wash your hands properly, and offer some interesting “did you know” facts.

At the University of Waterloo we follow the mandate of the Region of Waterloo Public Health which tells us that hand washing is one of the most important means of preventing the spread of infection. UW Food Services follows the hand washing procedures recommended by the Region of Waterloo, Public Health Department.

As a customer of UW Food Services it is YOUR right to ask a UW Food Services food handler to wash their hands. At ALL times the UW Food Services staff member will wash their hands.